What is relay theft & how to stop it?

Our Faraday collection stops your vehicle key signal from being cloned. If you own a keyless entry vehicle, your key signal can be intercepted by criminals using a 'Relay Theft' device.

Once the device reads your key signal it then acts as your 'key' and causes your vehicle to become vulnerable to theft. Having your keys in our products will totally eliminate the risk of this theft method.


The Faraday Bundle (Box & Bag)

Buy the Faraday Box and Faraday Bag and feel secure at Home and at Work.


The Faraday Box

The Faraday Box keeps your car safe from relay theft by blocking RFID signals. Ideal for storing Car keys, Cards, or any other item that emits a signal when not in use.


On the Go Faraday Bag

Keep your valuables by blocking intercepting signals. Stay safe on the go from Relay theft.


How does it work?

  • 1. Signal Blocking 

    Internal nano-electromagnetic (EMI) shielding materials and insulated cloth lining prevent signal transmission to protect keyless vehicles from theft.

  • 2. Safe Storage

    Dimensions of 20cm(W) X 13cm(D) X 7cm(H) designed to comfortably fit 5 to 7 keys, a mobile phone, and a wallet. It's secured with a sizable metal buckle on the front for added security.

  • 3. Keeps Your Data Secure

    Our boxes and bags help keep your private information safe. They block signals that can steal data. This is important for keeping your personal details private

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Don't just take our word for it!

  • "These guys have secured all our cars with the Ghost Immobiliser. The Faraday Bags and Boxes are an extra layer of protection to stop thieves gaining entry."

  • "My last car was stolen while I was at a friends. Now I can keep my key in this Faraday Bag when I'm out and about."

  • "The box looks great and keeps all our keys safe. Much better than the cheap bag we used to use!"

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