Auto Communications - Live Interview on BBC Essex

Auto Communications - Live Interview on BBC Essex

Keeping active on social media is hard work and it's time consuming, but it's also a fantastic platform to showcase our enthusiasm and dedication for what we do, and a great chance to interact with members of the public.

We offer advice to social media followers as well as showing off a small fraction of the many fabulous cars we are proud to work on.

Being active on social media gets you recognised across the world.  In fact we often interact with car owners in the USA.  Our posts were seen by a reporter for BBC Essex who called me (Nick) and invited me to speak live on BBC Essex Radio.  Of course I accepted this absolutely amazing invitation!

So the next day the interview went ahead and we spoke on a few subjects, such as what happens to cars once they are stolen, how cars are actually stolen, and how you can prevent car theft.  As well as answering these questions members of the public were involved in the interview, speaking about their car crime experiences and also Essex Police, advising that car theft numbers are going down. 

No wonder with the amazing vehicle security services we have supplied to hundreds of customers.


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